A couple of BodyPaint questions


I’m working in BodyPaint after a long absence. Is it possible to use the arrow keys to nudge selected parts of the image like in Photoshop? They appear to move the canvas when I use them. I am working with text that needs to be placed precisely and the ability to nudge would be quite handy.

Also, is it possible to see the object you are painting and the texture view at the same time? I can only toggle back and forth between the “View” and “Texture” windows.

Any advice would be a real time saver as I have searched the web with no luck. Thanks, Kevin


If you switch to the ‘BP - UV Edit’ layout you see the 3D view and the texture side by side. Alternatively, you can right-click on the little texture tab and undock the texture view window. (have a look in the help at Reference->Cinema 4D->Basic->features->Overview->Windows)

AFAIK there is no pixel nudging in Body paint. Have you tried zooming in very close on the texture to have more control? You can zoom in up until 10000%, much further than in photoshop.


Thanks for the reply. I really need a way to keep text in alignment along a strip that stretches from one side of UV space to the other - zooming in doesn’t improve the situation. Guides would be useful. Further, it doesn’t appear you can orthographically move graphic elements in a straight line. I’ve tried holding shift and other keys to constrain movement without any luck. Looks like I’ll have to do this in PS.