A Basic FumeFX question...3ds Max


i haven’t used Fume in quite a while.

i have an object moving through a scene and i want that geometry to disrupt the smoke of scene.

i’m currently using an object Source then choosing the correct geometry. and in the object source fume parameters and setting everything to 0. (fuel, smoke, velocity, etc…)

thing is i’m not seeing the disrupting effect. (e.g. smoking curling around the geometry)

is this the correct method?



No that’s not the correct method.
Obj source is used to emit fluids from the selected objects.
If you want an object to disrupt a simulation you need only add that object in the “Obj/Src” tab by pressing the “Pick object” button.


thanks for the tip! that worked very well.

btw… i’ve noticed if i want the smoke to be already going strong at frame 1, i need to simulate starting at an earlier frame. (for example -100 or -200)

is there a way around this?