$99 upgrade to v8 expiring


There is an issue with Quicktime when using Windows Vista and 7, but it works great with XP. With Vista, bitmaps need to be IMG or HDR files, and rendered output cannot be Quicktime, but otherwise it seems to work like it is supposed to. I render out png sequences and assemble the animations in Visionlab Studio (poor man’s After Effects).

I’m hoping they can spend some more time on the issue once they are done with the multiprocessor Camera.



For coupon contact Phil Martin,

especially if your email is not enabled :slight_smile:


FYI, I didn’t take advantage of this offer.

I’d with PayPal and downloaded directly from EITG.

Just input my code and I’m sailing sailing agin. :bounce: :arteest: :buttrock: :applause: :beer:


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