$99 upgrade to v8 expiring


I don’t know if this posted here but I thought I would pass it on.


Let you know that the $99.00USD, to upgrade from v7 to v8, will expire this month. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to save $296.00 on this purchase. I can’t think of too many other offers where you can save this kind of money.
Here is the coupon: (For coupon contact Phil)

Please note that we have been having some problems with our site since the weekend. We are looking into this, but some have experienced some errors when upgrading online. They say that after a few attempts the order would go through. If you have problems, please email me and I will assist.

Already own v8, use this time to upgrade any additional seats at this low price.

Best Regards,
Phil Martin


USD 99? too good to be true. What is the coupon code?


Is hard times for everyone every little penny counts for development
and god knows what else.EiAs v8 should sell the entire package for a super low price
so it can be used for development of the new company and more
costumers otherwise it will be dificult to get any.


If they threw in a duo dongle, I’d consider it. :rolleyes:


You’re just making excuses


EI 8 on the PC isn’t the best I have heard.

Electric Image man need V8 to get the wrinkles out!


If you have a Power PC i will have gone for it but since that is not the case is a waste of time since none of the Northern Lights plug in are stable enough.
Placer Deposit and Flock This not stable
Power Particles v2 and MDD crashes Animator
If you are gonna use MDD alone than go for it and render well if you do a lot of test render than go for it.


There’s just no pleasing some people…Morley. :slight_smile:


Please contact them.


Well, since I got my mactel, I can’t even use my EI 7. So Ei pushed me away and forced me to finally make the switch I was dreading. I can’t even play around with EI anymore. :argh:


Interesting point Edgard. Spending money on any Software these days is not as easy as it was once. Interesting thing for me, regarding new customers, is also the mentioned dongle.
How will this be managed in the future, since all the plug-in´s rely on the dongle. If not it would be easy to get rid of it and the new company could offer a download vers. of EIAS 9. But now, probably people (new customers) who want to get V9 have to pay also a fair amount to customs in case the parcel comes from Latin America or the Ukraine, i assume, plus a delay in usage of the software, due to the delivery times it takes.



I prefer the dongle to other schemes… Adobe, you can install on 2 machines. If one machine get fubar’d then you can not unreg that machine. You have to call support and try to deal with them. M$ Office can be installed on 3 machines, but no others… you lose a machine or buy a new one, tough. Maya & Autodesk products use a licensing hell that fails half the time, and if you need to work on any other machine, you are not allowed.

The dongle allows me to control the software and use it wherever I want. I use it at work, and like the fact that it is completely useless when I am not there. (Maybe I have control issues)…

My 2¢ on the issue. But I do understand the download option… and i do imagine they could lose users due to that. Instant gratification.



I must disagree…dongles suck :smiley: . Just have a serial number like C4D, Silo, etc. Sorry to say this but EI has little to worry about in the piracy dept. The dongle is one of the main reasons I will not upgrade my v7. It’s so late 80’s! :wink:


What the hell are you talking about?

Are you really talk about the little bucks for the dongle? Or the little upgrade
fee (99$ is nothing) for V8?

In my good old times i smoked cigarettes for 100$ in a month… or drinked for 150$
delicious Bourbon at one weekend, so what??

I dont know what you all get paid for all your hard work (and here i am serious,
3D is hardwork) but everything i saw from all you guys here was often
more than a little piece of art and has to be real good paid.
Otherwise there is a big mistake in understanding how things works.

I cant imagine being without V8 and i have only two seats with two new dongles
and i paid for it with a smile on my face because it makes my life a lot easier.



I pay more than that to upgrade apps as well. EI has little to offer me anymore. Fast render can only get you so far. I wasn’t saying it wasn’t worth the $99 for people. It’s just not worth that for me. 8 offers nothing new in animation features.


Mmm lets see,
EIAS v8 i already have it for 300 USD the upgrade.Now 100USD is pancakes for me.
But is not only EIAS which i have trust over the years is another set of licenses which all sums up.
You have software selling very cheap the case of Silo and Moi. What Richard is saying is that he will have to spend 150USD just to keep older clients of him happy.If you use and enjoy EIAS good for you i personally had invested in getting a few plug ins but they all failed the task.
And when you see things like http://www.blender.org/development/release-logs/blender-250/
it makes you want to take a second look at spending in any software.
Yeah i get paid a few bucks but that doesnt mean i will invest my time and energy with EIAS i am over it.


Agreed. After over a year of debating features on the forum, the final release was all about lighting and rendering. With an ‘awe shucks’ fix of the weight painting problem. Version 8 was a disappointing release followed by another huge period of ‘day time drama’ as the ownership/transition issues were sorted out.

On the new EIAS3D forums people are STILL asking about file imports, texturing issues, things that have been going on for far too long. So no version 8 for me.

We’ll see what version 9 brings, but EI’s development has been seriously lopsided, and will probably continue that same way.


Would the upgrade resolve the issue?

I still make money with EI. I can’t afford to lose it.


when I launch EI it gives me a hardware key error. When I asked around, I was told it’s cause I have to have a duo dongle for a mactel. :banghead:

Dongles are POINTLESS!!


I don’t get it…You didn’t upgrade the USB Dongle? I think it was $50. Or didn’t you have to have an eve.framwork? I haven’t dealt with that stuff it while IDK.