850 Meters & PMG



  I have a fun announcement to make - been biting my lip on this for a few weeks now :)
    I’m currently working in a new project; 850 Meters, a short film to participate in competition and festivals. Written and directed by myself, co-developed with Karim Rhellam and Perrine Gauthier - music by the Plankton Invasion composer; Frederik Segers and in co-produced with Annemie Degryse from Lunanime.
 (WIP - building the main character)
    We are already in development and hope to start production in the fall. This 8 minute medieval adventure will be fully produced within Messiah:Studio and with the support, participation and involvement of PMG’s headquarters! Master Vegard Myklebust himself joined the project as well, and is currently building the rig based on the rigging methods I used for Plankton Invasion! 
    With this small, but talented team we’ll aim for a high quality and (hopefully) very funny short. The website and teaser will soon be online. 


This looks great. Can’t wait to see the finished short film. Btw good luck on competition.


I’m already smiling by have a look at the knight-character. Very funny guy! :slight_smile:

I just hope you are really really concentratning on the story and NOT on visual effects. There are way too many technical brilliant but otherwise boring short flicks out there.

I’m of course crossing fingers for your competition. :thumbsup:

The Inflater


Good point for sure!
But need not to worry my friend :slight_smile:
Like with Plankton Invasion I tend to reduce the technical side and use pics & tricks to fool the eye.
All the time gained with that approach, gets invested in writing and storyboarding - the story is in development for several months now and we are still polishing it :slight_smile:
I can not say everyone will like it, humor is too difficult for that, BUT I can say that we put the story at the top of the list!



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