60+ great Character Animator's sites here


That ROCKS man ! Thanks for sharing that with us. I’m so impatient to see the beta finished. Great job and great idea :thumbsup:


Hi everyone,

I am writing a paper on Real-Time Advanced Character Animation Techniques and after working my way around lots of resources, it seems like a difficult topic to write on.

Is there anyone who can assist me with this…??? Direct me towards useful resources, your own thoughts and experiences, anything relevant. Any code you want to share, screen shots, results…!!!

Goggle is empty for me on this as I have spent enough time and seen enough resources but without any relevant information. May be this is an unasnwered question…!!!

Criticism, Critical thoughts…



Thats great …!!! thanks guy!:slight_smile:


Try taking a look at some of the past Siggraph papers - search “Siggraph Animation”. I know a lot of work has been done on this subject.


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lol, I’m so jealous of those people! hopefully someday I can be great like them <:D


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Adam, what do you mean by that? Who’s a great guy? Maybe I can check out that persons work…talking about that…(goes back to experimenting with photoshop) :smiley:


[left]Awsome thread! Just a heads up - Tyson Ibele has moved his site to www.tysonibele.com.



I don’t know if any of you knew or not but the list is actually from http://www.strutyourreel.com where they have an up-to-date and expanded version.



woaooOooo ! these are fantastic sites. thanks so much guys…they are incredibly useful.:thumbsup:



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Top class site…bookmarked…:), thanks a lot


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