60+ great Character Animator's sites here


I started a thread looking for Inspiring Character Animator’s sites and reels and it had a great response featuring over 60 great sites. I turned this into a permanent and on-going thread featured here . It is worth checking out.

I know that there is a ton of talent out there and we likely only covered a small percentage of the great stuff out there. Feel free to email me if you have another great Animator’s link to add.


wow! thats a great idea, thanks!


Wonderful inspiration! Thank you so much for collecting these links!

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Fantastic!!! :bounce:


hi… great list. very helpful. is there a way I can get on it?


Great idea, … many many links with cools animations
‘Edu martin’ don’t work.



These guys are so good… some day :rolleyes:looking starry eyed into the future


Zort does that mean that you want crits or that you think your site should be added to the list? To be honest I don’t think your work is ready to be put in the same category as those on the list. I don’t know if that is what you are asking.


The only way to get better is to have honest crits…

I tried posting in the 3D animation category a while back and didn’t get any crits.
I was hoping to get some here.

Unfortunatly I’m not in school anymore :cry: and have no one around me that can give me an honest crit. so this is the only place I can get one. :thumbsup:


why is that guys status “banned”?

That link was cool :S


Dunn, thats a good question though… Since I discovered the link I’ve gotten lots of great ideas and watched Tons of great animations, and gotten ideas glaore




Jim Jagger has mirrored this page now…


it may have some extra links too, I haven’t check though.


It’s so wonderful . Thank you share the thread!


in time dude… in time…

btw, I liked your arrows-shot, but I think your animation is not dynamic enough, like it’s happening on the moon or something. check on your timing. I liked that it’s detailed, but I think you need to spend more time on animating accurate details. also, you only have body-motion, no facial animation.


Right on, thats awesome!! :buttrock:




gr8 job!

very helpful links


I’ve also added a seperate page that contains the very best of these links, along with brief descriptions of the animators.


I hope you enjoy them as much as I did! :slight_smile:


Oh…This is a brilliant link…Give us somthing to aim for, thanks


i Congratulate you for the idea & for share with all us. great job, great animators webs database.

thank you friend :thumbsup: