5 point patch


whats up with these 5 point patchs

sometimes they dont seem to wanna work:shrug:



Unlike 3 and 4 point patches, 5 pointers must be defined by the user. Select the five Control Points and hit the button (on the modelling toolbar) with the little greenish pentagon on it. This will create a five point patch.

'Hope this helps. If not, please ignore.


Carl Raillard


ya, i understand that
and that is exactly what i do
but sometimes it doesn’t work


The workaround is to select the points all at the same time with a bounding box. Sometimes you have to select them, hide everything else and then do the bounding box thing.


Few things:

Select them one at a time using shift - press the period key (which will select the 5 points as a group) - and try it (if the 5 point icon is not grayed out, it will work)
Same using ctrl - sometimes one or the other works.
Bound select the points and try it.

The main thing though, is the splines have to be continuous and built correctly through the patch. A flipped normal will also cause it not to render.

I’m not an expert on fixing any of these issues, I’d suggest you post your problem with a screen cap in the Hash forum


I noticed that:

If you select a point and then select the other points with <crl> or <shift>, the 5 Point-button won’t work…
Then you have to hide everything else and select by the box-select-tool.
If you select ALL the points with the same key (if crl or shift) it should work…



What I do is the Shift-click to grab all five. If the 5-point icon doesn’t come on I hit the “.” key to select the opposite, then hit again to select the five cps. That always makes the icon come on for me.


Genius!! Now why didn’t I think of that? Guess I’m not a genius.


To be honest – which I wish I didn’t have to be :stuck_out_tongue: – someone posted this on the official forums a while ago. I can’t remember who. I do wish I could take credit for the genius though :slight_smile:


Damn. . . thats a good tip. Thank you.


That should save some fooling around :applause:

thanks for the tip


Geez Billy, I told you that tip ages ago in the irc chat… dang short memoried aussies :wink: It might have been me that posted it on the forum too, it’s made the rounds a few times in a few different threads, but I’m not the originator… I got it from someone else who’s name I fail to remember at the moment back from the listserv days… Anyway, shortcut keys are your friends, learn 'em, love 'em, pet them, call them george :).



Hey now, I said it first! :cry:

Actually, I’m new at AM but somebody taught me on the Hash forum to select them that way - but I don’t remember who. I’ve been doing it since day 1.

However, you won’t always get it that way. If the normal is flipped, or you have bad splines it doesn’t matter, you’ve got to have the construction correct too.


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