5 Best Modeling software for DigiMatte Artists


copyright Dylan Cole

Since DigiMatte is getting a bit more popular in the industry for what right now, what are the best modeling and rendering software to be using right now?

List 5 of your favorite software packages for example C4D with Octane. And maybe state why they might be the best for you!


From what ive seen, its Maya, Nuke, Photoshop are the ones you MUST know. Learning others on the side does help but knowing those three main ones is what will get you the job.
To be at Dylan Coles level you have to work your ass off.


Ah well :smiley: this is a tricky one, as i depends on what studio your are aiming for! but for me its Maya and Vray.
But i am currently learning clarisse as it looks like a lot of studios are using that, since its a good render/lighting software and it can handle a lot of polygons, still the assets needs to be made and imported, and for that i like maya and i guess Zbrush… but it depends on what kinda detail and item you are making.


Looking at your portfolio, I think you’ve got a pretty good understanding of 3D and could adapt to whatever package any future employer uses! It’s not the machine but the ghost in it. Or something like that.