403 error when replying


I can only post new topics. I can’t reply, I get a 403 error. Tried Safari and Chrome. What’s up?


It’s a bug! The page is falling apart since a long time.

I repeat to click at the Reply button until the 403 goes away.


I have this a lot, too.

Exactly like @Tiles says, just keep hitting that Reply button until it works.


8 clicks on the reply button did it :roll_eyes:


8 clicks sounds about right. Sometimes turning off the draft window helps.
Very sad to deal with all this. Perhaps, one reason the board is so sparse ?


It’s damn Spring and the background has a snow mountain !
The forum is a mess … I contacted them to tell them to fix the Search that doesn’t return results … and stop the auto scroll update 'cause I couldn’t reach the end of the page to get their contact !


Forum software is terrible, I can’t make new topics, replies hardly ever work.

Any other decent C4D forums?




These forums are now technical garbage and have been for the past few years since they had a software update and all the moderators left in a huge exodus. Posting gives endless 403’s, logging in gives 406. No support staff ever reply. Honestly it looks like they’re just milking the last of the advertising budget they can as the entire site ecosystem slowly dies off.

If you want help and community, go post on core4d.com instead


Thanks fluff. Looks like a lot of the old cgtalkers are over there too.