3S - Tips for better 3D renders with 3S Cloud Render Farm


Today, 3S will give you guys some useful tips for better 3D renders.:ok_hand::ok_hand:
:heavy_check_mark:๏ธ1. Use reference pictures:
Gather all the real pictures of objects that you need from different angles, different lighting for your reference. This tip will help your 3D artworks be more realistic.
:heavy_check_mark:๏ธ2. Chamfer the edge:
Remember to chamfer all the edges. It will increase the realism and you will get a very nice specular at the end.
:heavy_check_mark:๏ธ3. Lighting and texturing:
Lighting and texture are the basic elements of a good rendering model. Combining simulated sunlight with simulated alternative light sources and different angles can better interpret the product. When rendering the product, remember to play around with all the lighting. This may not be the most time-saving method, but it will significantly improve the quality of the results.
:heavy_check_mark:๏ธ4. Imperfection:
Not everything is perfect in this world. Donโ€™t try to avoid all the imperfections, something like fingers print on the glass, a crooked picture frame on the wall is still fine. Our brain has been trained for many years and expected for this imperfection. You canโ€™t get a realistic result if you try to avoid all of that.
We hope that all these easy but very useful tips will help you get better 3D renders. Stay tuned for more information later!:grin:
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