3rd powers plugins and Modeler evolution


Hi! Sorry for my bad english.
I really hope the next LW version give us important improvements in Modeler: it’s still a good tool but now it’s too much “old-style” for many aspects and it lacks many features too. Modeler is pratically identical from the last 3/4 versions. Also i have seen the 3rd Powers plugins: LW BRUSH and META MESH in particular they are really amazing and it’ld be very useful their native implementation (or something like these) in Modeler, they’re the “evolution” the Modeler needs. Sculpting tools, retopology tools, mesh painting, snapping toolset are all tools they’re available in more of the competitor packages. UV mapping is always a bit tedious and it’s really obsolete the only way to exporting UVs as image file that’s the… screenshot!
Many users (like me) are working as image-artist or designer or 3D-generalist they like to use just one complete 3D-packages, for monetary reasons and for personal ease.
Anyway, NT-team seems to be focused on the Layout and to unify the modeling tools in both the applications. Nothing about Modeler, except some minor update. It’s a bit disappointing because LW could be the real XSI successor and it’ld be the best choice for all the people they didn’t like max, maya, c4d and all the icon-based g.u.i.
Thanks for the attention.


They are doing some work flow improvements in Modeler in the next release. However, while not in the next release, the groundwork will be there to have modeling tools directly in Layout in future versions. Modeller will become legacy and then dumped once LW Layouts modeling tools are feature complete enough. I presume this will happen over a number of releases after the upcoming Lightwave 2017. So maybe in LW 2018 we will begin to see their hardwork bearing fruit where it comes to layout modelling tools? Pure speculation on my part.


What Digital Verve said, plus I hope some “New Tech” will appear and to keep me using Lightwave. It will be super interesting to see how they make modeling tools work inside of Layout.


dito that, Modeler improvements will happen some time 2018, according to a few birds.

the plan is to in time port those tools over to Layout.