3dWorld Mag : Cinema 4D CE release 6


Out now in the UK shops.
Full of info & tutorials for cinema :slight_smile:

Go get…


is that being included in the 3dworld mag too? i know Computer Arts has the cd also. I hope so. That will improve my chances of getting it here in the US. Keeping my fingers crossed.


I read Digit were giving it away too! I just got it and I’m REALLY pleased so far. Unfortunately very few mats come with it and I haven’t found many on the web that work with R6 so far, Oh and the only SLA you get is Fresnel.


but for 75 quid you get to upgrade to the full version od six with everything it shipped with. which also gives an good upgrade reduction to R8. good value.


Yeah I upgraded yesterday and got my CE+ disc this morning!
Unfortunately the damn thing won’t accept my temporary serial number:cry:
Maxon say I should get a permanent serial in about 4 weeks Aaaaargh!

Oh and it still only comes with Fresnel, I wish there was some way to get the complete SLA. - Baz


Before German forum readers pay too much at international news stands - there are a couple of German magazines that feature C4D CE too, I got my copy from MacUP (comes with Windows version too).


Does anyone know the prices of the upgrades?

Its ÂŁ75 to upgrade upto full version of 6 right? But then what price is it to upgrade to C4D 8.1?

Also when you upgrade from the Full C4D 6 to 8, will you get any modules with it? or will it just upgrade to the core version?

And finally, how does the upgrade package work? is it like Windows where you have to have the older version installed before you can install the upgraded version?

Sorry for the questions but I don’t have a version for myself and only want C4D as a hobbist tool, so the bundle price is a bit steep for me.

Im hoping the upgrade prices will be cheaper


check out the
Maxon Shop, but from memory to upgrade from c4d xl6 to c4d xl8 bundle is about 650 quid.


Srek has been talking about this in another thread. He said that there were plans to sell an upgrade from the magazine edition to the full 8.1, but that prices haven’t been set for it yet.


Maxon technical support sorted me out so I’m up and running! :o)

There is no upgrade from CE at the moment but apparently there will be, it’s not likely to be as cheap as upgrading from XL6 though! - Baz


Had a look at the train station in Munich…20€ for 3D World…thats out of this world! They have a cheek…guess I’ll wait 2 weeks. 20€ may be OK if I didn’t already own Cinema…but 14 quid for a mag…


I paid 5€ voor CT Magazine last month and it included C4d 6 CE as well…

Pretty cool… :buttrock:


Just found this at Maxons plugins page, there doesn’t seem to be a Windows version for some reason!?
I’m downloading it now so I don’t know if it will work with CE yet.

Just put in R6 as a search term and it should produce the download.

Incidently it says it’s open source so there no reason why a windows version couldn’t be distributed if someone is prepared to share? - Baz

It won’t accept the CE serial number so it runs in demo mode :o(


CE+ is the upgrade available in the CA mag aparaently thats the old XL6 so? if that is true then the upgrade to xl8 bundle should be ÂŁ650


what is the upgrade to CE+ for ÂŁ75 for?
what does CE not do that CE+ does?
also can you us it for comercail use?


CE is limited to 600x400 pixel renders, CE doesn’t have any limitations. Well it does have a maximum resolution but it’s absolutely huge! - Baz


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