3dsMax-Arnold sRGB renders to composite in NUKE


Hello, I’m making some renders in 3ds Max 2022 with Arnold, and the composer who will use the rendered frames uses NUKE.

The composer is asking me the renders in ACEScg, but sadly 3ds Max doesn’t have color management, so all my renders are in sRGB. Using my renders he had problems with the motionvector or Z AOVs, and he think It might be a Color space issue.

So my questions are:

  1. Is sRGB good enough to do compositing in NUKE, or it has to be ACEScg? a color conversion node can be used?

  2. When using VectorBlur or Z depth in NUKE, you change the color space to make it work? For example when I use After Effects for compositing, using the Extractor effect, all my data layers like motion vector, N, or Z depth are linear, and I can use them without problem

I’m totally new to this ACES stuff, I never worked with color conversion before