3dsmax and importing baked maps in slots?


I’m bit confused because i don’t know in which slots i need to import baked maps in order to start rendering - see final results.

I baked maps in xnormal and I have:
-color(or base texture polypainted in zbrush)
-normal map
-ambient occlusion map
-cavity map.

So when i open 3dsmax’s material editor i see these slots:

-ambient color
-diffuse color (ok, i know diffuse is where my base color,polypaint goes)
-specular color
-specular level
-filter color


Awesome, great question.
Here is a quick answer:
First of all, it depends on the packs you used, if it’s a surface skin displacement map then you got 3 channels, secondary tertiary and micro. It’s all about relief on these ones, so if you are doing an offline render everything must goes into the displacement slot for best result so each polys will reacts accordingly to the maps. You can combine all of them by using this technique from Michael CBT (translated from Jeremy’s tutorial) but for 3dsmax. I’ll get the link shortly.
Some people are also using the tertiary as base for the color map when using zbrush / mari / substance painter.
If you are using the photos packs then you will only have color info at the end.
I would also say play with the maps, the users are doing some experimentation to get great results from them. And you may pick up a way that works better for your needs