3dsMax 2020 Hair and Fur issue


Can anyone confirm that there is an issue rendering spline based hair and fur with VRay in 3dsmax 2020. Geometry based works as normal. Also related is that you cannot convert the hair to mesh when based on splines. This is true for scanline also. However scanline renders correctly. Which is weird. With both VRay and scanline you can convert geometry based hair to a mesh.


In the Hair and Fur effect window if it’s set to Buffer then it can only render in Scanline, if you set it to Geometry then the Vray hair material won’t render properly because it’s not getting things like the hair root/tip info
To render it properly you need to set it to MR Prim, which will be able to use the Vray hair material correctly.


Interestingly I upgraded to 2020.2 and I could convert to geometry but rendering was intermittent. I’ve never messed with that setting and haven’t had an issue until 2020. As far as I know.

Anyway thanks for the info. Mush appreciated.


The setting in the Hair and Fur effect window will determine how it gets rendered, the Buffer method is very fast and looks pretty good but it only works with Scanline so it’s a bit limited.
In the modifier you can convert the hair to a mesh, but again it won’t contain the proper info to be able to use the Vray hair material so it’ll be difficult to render it properly that way. The MR Prim method is optimized for hair rendering