3dsMax 2019.2 + 3ds Max Security Tools


Windows title bar on Scene Explorer, TrackVIew, StateSet

  • Windows native title bar is back! You can still dock anywhere while having familiar Windows title bar and frame.


  • New Fluid Loader with playback and transform control
  • Support for rendering fluids data channels such as Vorticity, Density, Age, etc. with Arnold


  • Lib updated to 1.7.5
  • Instancing support
  • Multi UV support for Maya(Maya needs a very specific format of data)
  • File/Object assignment button for Alembic Transform controller
  • High-speed rotations no longer deform objects
  • Fixed Unicode support for Alembic files


  • The OSL editor now displays line numbers.
  • The OSL editor now highlights matching brackets
  • More Realistic mode display support

Arnold 5.2

  • Texture Baking is now supported with the render-to-texture workflow
  • Shade enhancements include a new Cell Noise shader and new Sheen function in the Standard Surface hader to render cloth-like microfiber materials or the peach fuzz
  • RGB clamping in clamp shader can now be configured to either a scalar or color mode
  • Edge detection can be controlled in Toon Shader using the STRING type user data, toon_id
  • The stability and usability of the high-quality Noice denoiser has been improved
  • GPU memory consumption of the fast NVIDIA OptiX denoiser has been greatly reduced

3ds Max security tools set

  • offer protection against the CRP and ALC 3rd party scripts.

Shared Views

  • now export Autodesk materials and V-Ray Materials with textures

Autodesk Drive

  • a cloud storage solution that allows you to securely store, preview, and share your 2D and 3D design data

Some highlights from 70 + Fixes

  • Fixed handling of decimal separator changes in the Windows regional settings
  • Particles: Restored right-click access to Object Properties of PFlow and Standard Particle system objects
  • Fix for caddies right-click to zero not updating float field
  • Greatly improved Python performance when comparing scene nodes obtained through pymxs
  • SplineTools: Fixed pathdeform flipping normals when using flip option
  • Fixed occasional crash with new Collapse Utility
  • Data Channel can now output vertex alpha
  • Projects workflow, users can have more than 60 paths associated with a project
  • MaxScript operations on the Skin Modifier no longer require objects to be selected