3ds max wacom friendly script


Hi all,

Is it possible to detect whether “create” is active. for example, creating a box, camera, light, line,bone, etc… literally anything.

Im working on a script that changes from move/rotate/scale to select object based on selection change. The scripts works fine but i’d like to disable it when in create mode.

Hope this makes sense. Let me know if i need to clarify more :slight_smile:


check Interacting with the 3ds Max User Interface > Command Panels > in mxs reference


Ok great thanks this looks like a good start.

Let me just say i am not a programmer by any means, just a guy thinking out of the box to try solve an issue.

Im trying to get around the issue of using a wacom with max. when selecting an object it moves it most of the time. So my idea is to always use “select object…aka. Q” then move the object. When selection changes it automatically goes back to “select object”. This limits a lot of headache. So far the script works and feels great. Only issue is you can’t create anything using the create panel.


Managed to get it working! using

if not (isCreatingObject()) do


Here’s my script so far. Can anyone make this more elegant/professional for me please? I think this will help alot of people who use wacoms in max. Also will be happy to credit anyone who helps with it in the script.

All for the community folks.

global selectionChanged

callbacks.removescripts #selectionSetChanged id:#myCallbackID	

callbacks.addscript #selectionSetChanged "selectionChanged()" id:#myCallbackID

fn selectionChanged =
	if not (isCreatingObject()) and not keyboard.shiftPressed do 		
	max select