3DS max VueSynch camera, network RenderCow problem


Hi !

I’ve been transferring an animated camera from 3DSmax to Vue 10 xStream standalone with VueSynch. At this point all is right, the MainCamera in Vue is well animated.
If I render on my working station within Vue the render is great but if I render my scene via RenderCow on other computers the framing is change for a much larger point of view and there is no more camera animation. I suppose that it just doesn’t consider my camera anymore and render from a random point of view.

If I animate the camera within Vue the renderCow’s renders are good but I do need the 3DS max animation. I checked that the VueSynch file is in a network folder so the RenderCow’s computers can access it !

Does anyone know what to do ?

I thought to collapse the camera animation in Vue so it would no more be considered as a synchronized camera but I didn’t find any way to collapse the animation …

Please help !


Hi guys !

My problem is solved ! I contacted the e-on team and they sent me an update “Vue10xstream-win64_10008456_Release_5042.exe” which fixed the problem.

If you have this problem too you need to find this update (I don’t know where since they send me it directly).


I’m still curious though what the name of your camera from 3DS is when brought into Vue and does Vue know to use that camera for rendering and not try to use Main Camera or Camera 1 still, etc?



Actually you’re not bringing the 3DS max camera itself, you just load the camera’s informations from the 3DS 's cam (such as position and rotation keys, the focal …) on a camera already in your vue scene. Those information are in the .dat file (VESync.dat by default) you created from 3DS with the VueSynch plug.
In vue you just have to choose the camera which will be synchronize, then go to the animation properties panel, in “motion” choose “Synchronized”. Vue should ask you to locate the .dat file. Then in the “synchronize with” list just choose the good camera (you can also export lights from max). And here we go ! just check the scale value (10 by default : I had to scale it to 0.01. It will depend of the difference between your max and vue units).
And then you should not have renders problems as soon as you have the synchronized camera active in the viewport.

Hope it’ll help !


Ok. So your existing camera name didn’t change. Just it’s position/movement did. It’s like when I load in MatchMover or SynthEyes camera info then. I was just curious how the camera .DAT thing acted in Vue since I don’t have an xStream version.


Yes it’s exactly that !


I’ve been having some of these problems in Maya,. .and I’m trying it in Max now too at work.
My question is… why don’t they use fbx? The whole vue synch thing is bs.

They really need to update their software, and now that I’ve started using it, people have been bitching for years I see.

Scale is off, everything is off. And if I have a Vue default scene loaded in Max, and animate the camera and save it… it crashes.
If I save it out as a Vue scene, and re open it,… there is no camera data from that Max scene.

Its practically useless, and they don’t understand that if they fixed it,… the sales would increase.



Can you please send me this file on my email dana_ivan@ukr.net?

Thanks !!!


Hey Guys.
i have same problem too
the damn camera couldnt synch with my scene! but i fixed that!
now after what i’ve been through till this moment(3 days and nights without sleep) cant render the scene on network. i wanna smash my head with a wall!!!

if u dont mind plz send me the update “Vue10xstream-win64_10008456_Release_5042.exe” to pichpa313@gmail.com

my dead line is approaching and i’m having heart attack!!



254577580@qq.com i can’t render use network ,please send for me! thanks!


hi guys
i have same problem too!
if u dont mind plz send me the update “Vue10xstream-win64_10008456_Release_5042.exe” to ladaojeifang@gmail.com
thank you.


I just sent you a link to download the update.
Hope your problem will be solved !



HI Raph
I also need your help here.
Can you please send me “Vue10xstream-win64_10008456_Release_5042.exe”
here: tsizmo@gmail.com

Thanks in advance


Hi Jim !
I’ll send you that tonight as soon as i get back home !


Hi Raph!
I got it from another kind friend here : ssmaya

Thanks for your help anyway, and thanks for the great post!



ok done !
You should have recieved it :slight_smile:


Thank you very much Raph !!!