3DS Max | Vray patchy 'gaps' in Render to Texture


Hey CG Society,

Hope this is posted in correct place - I’m having an issue with Render to Texture within 3DS Max, and using Vray as the render engine. I’ve created a character model from scratch, unwrapped him nicely, and wanted to get some baked Vray lighting into Unity, but get the following results:

I’ve encountered this every time I’ve tried to previous use Vray for Render to Texture, and so far I’ve tried the following as per what solutions I’ve found on other forums:

Resetting Xform of model
Checking all normals are correct, and geometry is clean (using STL check)
Selecting VRayCompleteMap as output type
Checking all materials assigned are VRay materials
Checking shadow bias numbers aren’t set to decimal places (and also not including any VRay lights in scene as all.
In this particular scene there’s just the character and floor plane, so no other intersecting geometry.

Despite all this I still get the same blotchy results - if anyone here would be able to shed some light on the matter they’d go down as a CG god in my books!

I’m using 3DS Max 2017 and VRay 3.40.01 - if that helps any further.

Thanks so much in advance guys,