3ds Max State Set Error. Please Help


Hello fellow 3ds Max users,

I’m currently working on a scene that requires alot of different render with different outputs and changes in this like lighting, material, animation and objects. I’ve opted to use State sets to make rendering alot more streamlined and so it can all render out in one batch. After i have created all of my states and went to render, its kicking out 13 “state sets errors”. The errors are all the same and read.


State type: Autodesk.Max.StateSets.Entities.StateSets.Nodes.Material
Error: System.ApplicationException: No material change present
at Autodesk.Max.StateSets.Entities.StateSets.Nodes.Material.set_ValueBeforeApplying(IMtl value)
at Autodesk.Max.StateSets.Entities.StateSets.Nodes.Material.Autodesk.Max.StateSets.Entities.StateSets.IState.Apply()
at Autodesk.Max.StateSets.Entities.StateSets.State.Apply(Entity parent)


I’m rendering one scene file, just rendering 38 different state sets.

Does anyone know what this error message is or could give me a hand? I have a deadline on this project and am really struggling.