[3ds max script] Miauu's Materials Reducer


miauu’s Materials Reducer allows you to find and replace all identical materials in your scene.

It will compare all accessible parameters and values of the provided materials. What will be ignored are the names of the materials.
You can have a bunch of completely identical materials with different names - miauu’s Materials Reducer will find those materials and will allow you to replace the duplicates with only one material.
You can have a bunch of materials with exactly the same name - miauu’s Materials Reducer will show you if (and which of) those materials are identical.

Tested materials:

all default 3ds max materials.
VRay materials
Corona materials
FStorm materials

To find the identical materials all accessible parameters (and their values) of the materials will be checked.
There is a big chance that the tool will not work properly with scripted materials or any other materials which parameters are not accessible.

This is a commercial script. You can find more information here.


miauu’s Materials Reducer version 1.1 is available.


  • NEW: Show materials in Slate Material Editor or Compact Material Editor via drag and drop or using a right click menu.

  • NEW: Select object(s) with applied source material or applied identical materials


miauu’s Materials Reducer version 1.2 is available.


  • Fixed: Error when textures have % character in their paths/names

  • Fixed: Error when Autodesk Generic materials are used