3ds Max scene explorer focus on selected


Im trying to figure out a way to expand and focus my selection in the scene explorer.

Basically what im after is functionality like the Edit>Auto-Expand To Selection setting, except I dont want it to be automatic, instead I want to manually trigger it via a hotkey.

I dont want the explorer view to change randomly as i select/deselect various objects, but also manually clicking through long hirearchies to find my selected object isnt very efficient either.

So far I have not found any existing max actions that would do this.

edit: im on max 2018


The following macroscript should do the trick - it ’ does’nt influence your current setting either

macroScript SceneExplorerFocusOnSelection category:"Spacefrog Tools" tooltip:"SceneExplorer: Focus On Current Selection"
	activeEx = SceneExplorerManager.GetActiveExplorer()
	if( activeEx != undefined AND NOT activeEx.autoexpand ) do 
		activeEx.autoexpand = true
		activeEx.autoexpand = false