3ds max Rigging Academy


Hi, I´ve asked in Animum school for the course of Master Rigging in 3ds max some days ago and they told me that it is over. They don´t teach rigging on max anymore. After that I started to look for an academey with the same quality to sign up and start the trainning but was imposible, there is no place where to go.

Maybe I´d not research too much and someone have a place to recomend?

What have happened with this knowlage, if nobody teach 3ds max nobody will use it.

Thank you very much!


Perhaps there is a reason people have stopped using 3ds Max… I used to use it but there were far more opportunities for Maya riggers so I switched.

However, if you really want to learn how to rig in 3ds Max, I would recommend watching Paul Neale’s CG Academy courses that someone has put on YouTube, you could download the Hippydrome biped character from the RiggingDojo website and use it to test your rigging and skinning.

Paul has a bunch of newer videos on his website that you should check out: http://paulneale.com/


Well it is a very long discussion about why Max did not pursue animation and push it harder. It had nothing to do with what users wanted or even if Max was capable or not. It had to do with internal politics. What you will find is those politics have changed greatly in the last couple years and you will see a resurgence of animation in Max. How ever this will need to be supported by the schools and this will be even harder to change as schools tend to be very slow to react.