3ds max and Mudbox UVs


Hello guys, i create model of sci fi gun in 3ds max like on the pictures, i detach and split to the different parts (6 parts), i make UVs and collaps it, i save as the fbx and import inside of the Mudbox. But… this six Uvs is palcen on one uv window together, so i try isolate the one part and paint it, like on the thirt picture, so if i show all other parts, picture 4 - i see that painted texute on the others model parts, i need separe the uvs, but i dont create it on the mudbox, because mudbox make uv automaticly and not great for me, i try make only one uv, but in this way with one model object i cannot isolate different pars for detailing painting, its better for me keep this 6 maps for better texturing. on the last picture u see another uv, where i dont draw, please help, thank u


i’m no UV master… but personally i would make each part have it’s own UV layout…not multi-tiled UV’s

or put all of the shapes onto one UV layout.

there is probably a way to do what your asking about, i.e. Multi layout UV’s.

oglu, here in cgsociety, might be able to give you a more extensive answer


to get this working you need six objects and six materials in mudbox…
or one object and six uv tiles… side by side…