3ds Integration script does't work. Help!


Hello everyone, apologies upfront as I lack the programming knowledge to understand the problem I am having. I have been trying to utilize Thinkbox Sequoia Meshing, the program comes with 3ds integration maxscript for loading Seq. .xmesh into 3ds.

They have provided a .ms file which I have loaded and run. This creates a toolbar button that loads the sequential xmesh files. Whenever I run the script and point the macro to the correct file, once I click load I get this error.

– MAXScript Rollout Handler Exception:
– Type error: Call needs function or class, got: undefined

The listener window refers to line 261 and 285, here is the snippet of the code between those to lines:

						local theCurrentFile = theFiles[f][1]
						local isExistingNode = getNodeByName ("XMesh_"+ getfilenamefile theCurrentFile)
						if not isValidNode isExistingNode do
							local theLoader = XMeshLoader()
							theLoader.renderSequence = theCurrentFile
							theLoader.name = "XMesh_"+getfilenamefile theCurrentFile
							theLoader.loadSingleFrame = true
							theLoader.useFileLengthUnit = true
							theLoader.viewportSequenceID = 0
							theLoader.showIcon = false
							append newObjects theLoader
							if chk_assignMaterials.checked do
								local theTextures = getPossibleTextures theCurrentFile
								if theTextures.count > 0 do
									local theMat = StandardMaterial name:("MAT_"+getFileNameFile theCurrentFile)
									theMat.diffusemap = bitmapTexture name:("MAP_"+getFileNameFile theCurrentFile) filename:theTextures[1]
									if chk_selfIlluminated.checked do theMat.selfIllumAmount = 100.0
									theLoader.material = theMat
									showTextureMap theMat chk_showTextures.checked
							--max views redraw
							max zoomext sel all
						)--end if node does not exist
					)--end if exists


I see only a couple of places where it might fail
local theLoader = XMeshLoader() – there could be no XMeshLoader class to make an instance of it
local theTextures = getPossibleTextures theCurrentFile – there could be no getPossibleTextures function

it is hard to help you with third party plugins