[3DMAX]mirror skin weights problem


I got mistake when I wanted to mirror my half done character ,I had select my right-hand vertex and it pick the left-hand vertex correctly ,but it will mirror the incorrect skinweight from time to time , or even erased all my well-mirror weights . It make me frustrated and I wonder if there is a better way to mirror my skinweight,or some script can solve the problem.

Thank a lot


did you reset xform before skinning?
you need create a box at the center of the character , convert to poly and attach character ,the delete the box’s 6 faces , if you need export to other app , reset xform was also needed


I am sure that I had reset xform before skinning.and it may be some Max bugs.
Basically there are 3 kinds of problems
first is the symmetrical vertex will lost all their skinbones and skinweightsimg_v2_d09a273f-5a98-4778-b6b1-e9e4cc078d9g_MIDDLE

and then is the verts I select are skinning to the original bone

the last is mirror weight and’t find any symmetrical bone even if i adjust the mirror offset and thresh.


before click paste , is the bones shows in green left and blue right ?
this is necessary , if not should add thresh until all bones get it’s symmetrical one


yes,it shows green and blue when I mirror weight.
And all the problem I mentioned just happen from time to time,maybe restart can solves the problem but it is really annoying