3Delight & Cinema4D news at SIGGRAPH


Hi all,
In this video from SIGGRAPH, Aghiles Keffeche, CTO from 3Delight, presents some new developments of the 3Delight renderer including Cinema 4d integration:



Hey Filip,

Thx for the info, sounds exciting! Is this somehow related to your plugin or completely new? Do you know if it will use node materials?
And wasn’t there a free non-comercial license for the renderer? I remember playing around with your plugin a year ago, but the renderer might have been a trial only…


A, I found it, there is one free license which is limited to 12 cores:


Their page is relatively puristic, I would say… Seems a bit dead


Yes, this is based on the open source plugin I announced in this forum some time ago. The 3Delight team is now involved in the project, and we are working actively to bring the c4d plugin to the same standard and functionality as their existing maya bridge, i.e., a much higher ambition level than my old one-man project. I am still involved in the development, but if you have further questions about the roadmap for the plugin I suggest you contact the 3delight team directly.

“Their page is relatively puristic, I would say… Seems a bit dead”
-As an external collaborator, I can assure you that things are far from dead :-). You can, for example, look at their changelog here to see the regular and frequent updates with new features for both the core renderer and the bridge plugins:



Thanks for the information! Nice to see that your work pays out! Good luck with the development, can’t wait to see how this pans out!


This is already the new one? According to the build date it seems so. But where did you get it from? Filips github is older, there is nothing on the 3Delight page. Or are you an official tester?


A (non-final) version of the c4d plugin is now included when you download the latest 3delight package.

The project has moved from my github page to here:

So you can follow the latest development there.



3Delight? Isn’t this the same renderer that ships with Foundry’s Katana?
Interesting. Thanks for the share!


Yes, that’s correct!


This is great news…for the 3 people who use 3Delight in C4D.

It must feel like it’s being personally developed for them!


Here we go again…
Until now it wasn’t realy available. There was Filips old plugin which was a nice effort, but not feature-complete. So guess what, nobody used it. Now, the developer of the renderer teams up with him to create a real connection and this is what you say?


Mmm, maybe Illumination Research will push a bit more this time. They just finished the new NSI architecture, it is in Katana and they ported it to Hydra. Who knows. But their homepage is still not very encouraging :-/


Are there installation notes somewhere? The online documentation doesn’t mention C4D anywhere. I downloaded and installed the package. Then I copied the content of 3Delight\cinema4d into the plugin folder inside the Preferences folder. Nothing shows up inside C4D. Tried both R20 and R21.


The env variable has already been set by the downloaded installer (3DelightNSI-1.6.5-setup.exe). Also, it added g_additionalModulePath, which seems to tell Cinema where the plugin is, so my copying was not necessary. Since it might even lead to trouble (due to two identical plugins) I deleted the copy. Still not working.

With your version I was at least able to get parts of it working. There was a 3Delight material, but the renderer is not available in render settings. Also, no tags. By the way, what is your zip? The structure is very different to the downloaded installer…

Will have to try it again later.


Yep, this is what I say.

Looks like it’s going well. Looks ideal for professionals eh?