3DCoat Black Friday Deals!


starting on November 27, 9:00 (GMT+2): https://3dcoat.com


Is this deal is available now, because I’m looking for something.


For starters, you’re responding to a 2 year old thread. So, no, the deal isn’t available. Second, Black Friday is always the day after Thanksgiving in November. So, even if it were the right year, you already missed the boat here.

That said, while ZBrush remains the industry standard, I would strongly recommend 3DCoat anyway. My reasons are fairly simple.

  1. With Maxon’s recent purchase of Pixologic, ZBrush’s future remains a mystery. It’s certainly not going anywhere, but nobody knows whether or not they’ll go subscription only. whether the UI will change, how it’ll interact with Cinema4D, and so on. They’ve already eliminated free updates after proudly touting a 21 year history of giving them. So, while they’ve stated that permanent licenses aren’t going away, I wouldn’t exactly take anything they say at face value.
  2. 3DCoat’s UI is a bit rough around the edges, but it’s certainly closer to “normal” than ZBrush’s
  3. It may not be able to handle those insane “micro poly” billion count numbers of ZBrush, but certainly handles a good 3x-20x what Blender can. I’ve even heard/seen some people whose 3dcoat sculpts pass 200mil+ polys.
  4. The retopo tools are great; Far more intuitive than ZBrush’s.
  5. The paint tools, while not as robust as Substance’s, are pretty darn robust and great for both hand painted and PBR texturing.
  6. Licensing/activation is far more flexible than with ZBrush. You don’t even need an internet connection.
  7. It is updated nearly every other day. Stable releases stay locked for months, but new betas get released all of the time. Betas may contain a bug here and there that DO get fixed promptly, but they often contain a wealth of new features and workflow tweaks…

I would say that, even if they move to an annual upgrade schedule, the price for full and upgrade releases is still very reasonable for what you get. It’s a solid alternative to ZBrush that doesn’t get nearly enough love. Most people just harp on its UI or how, MANY years ago, the EULA used to have this weird pro-Christian, anti-smut clause. It doesn’t anymore. Hasn’t in years. The devs listened to the users and responded quickly. Still, it’s all some people associate with the app even to this day.

If Maxon’s recent purchase of Pixologic has you on the edge or ZBrush’s UI is not to your liking, definitely go with 3DCoat. Blender is good for many things - even sculpting. However, detail-wise, it tops out far quicker than 3DCoat. You can hit MUCH higher poly counts with 3DCoat before lag becomes an issue.

EDIT>> I just wanted to mention, if you’re wondering whether or not you can sculpt in 3dcoat as well as in ZBrush, don’t worry. All of the core brushes necessary to do the job are all there. ZBrush goes a BIT overkill with the brush count; so much redundancy and legacy (ie. old) brushes that often don’t get used. Plus, sculpting is sculpting wherever you go. You’ll be fine. If you can’t sculpt it in 3DCoat then there’s a solid chance you wouldn’t be able to in ZBrush either. Except for ZBrush’s OP poly counts, which are rarely necessary, they’re more or less comparable.