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Hi Chaps,

3D world magazine has asked me to do a short 1/2 page Q&A on Animation Master for an upcoming issue. The question can be sourced from an online forum, so I thought I might see what people would like to know about from this forum. If people have any questions or techniques which are Animation Master specific which they would like me to answer in the piece I’d be interested to hear what they are.




Hi Shaun, great to hear your getting A:M into 3d world! I’m wondering if you’re getting any image space for the article…
I think one of the overlooked aspects of A:M’s render is the toon render option.
I really am hooked on it. I think it’s the best Toon Render out there.
If you have any need for images to go with your samples(talking about toon here), I have stuff I would be excited to donate!

Great stuff Shaun!

Mike Fitz


Cool! It is about time that this happened to AM.

It is hard to be selective about this. It would be good to have something on rigging to show how easy it can be but rigging isn’t something that comes across easily in glossy magazines.

If you are going to do the toon render thing then you could show how ‘render as lines’ can be used for things such ribs or whatever. Kricket had a post here a while back showing great examples of it.

One cool thinng to show would be how to link a dynamic constraint bone to some poses via some relationships so that geometry hair or a belly (or a boob if you want to catch a little more attention) can move about automatically without over-shooting. I have used that trick on a number of occasions and it works great. It also shows off a few powerful features at a time.


Do you have any A:M specific tips/pointers/pipe-line on how you animated “fast” (the first quarter contest) or “The Cuckoo?”


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