3D portfolio review PLEASE HELP!


Hello! My name is Nathan, I’m a recent graduate and frankly a little lost right now on where my career is heading. I’ve applied to several jobs already and have gotten no responses so far. I’d like to get any kind of feedback on my portfolio to see whether I’m wasting my time applying for jobs and should instead focus on improving my skills. I specifically love both 3D modelling characters(Stylised or photo realistic) and animation. My passion is making animated films.

However, as an entry level artist like myself I’m unsure whether It’s a good idea to try and get a job as a 3D character modeller as these are usually given to more senior artists and may take years. I just want experience in the field so should I go for jobs that are more in demand like architectural visualisation or product design for marketing and focus my practice on that? Maybe animation is a better option to get a job? Any other highly in demand positions as a 3D artist? Any help and feedback would be highly appreciated!

Here is a link to my ArtStation https://www.artstation.com/nathanbeguin