3D Nebulae


Hello everyone.

I am doing some experimenting with recreating believable Hubble-like nebula clouds inside 3ds Max and was wondering if anyone can give rough or, preferrably, detailed guidance on how to pull it off.

I searched for months everywhere(!), looking at all available tutorials all over the net and probably best work I’ve found on internet regarding high quality nebula renders is in this video:


P.S. I am familiar with FumeFX and Krakatoa, but my results, although not that bad, are nowhere near renders presented in video above.

Thanks for your attention. Cheers!


Most likely not the most usefull comment, but…

If you just need the finished result, then im sure that is just an animated photo. Most likely in nuke or after effects.

If you actually want to learn how to make those, then keep in mind that not always what you see is 100 % final render. Im pretty sure that those clouds involve heavy post processing work in them. im basing this on some how to videos of arch viz ive seen. The object they render and import to ps is just a grey windowless empty space, that they fill with textures and other assests.
So with that in mind if you tried playing with your fume fx and krakatoa renders you might
already have a fine base for post producing those clouds.

Anyways, gl with your experiments and hope that someone with more expereince will reply :slight_smile: