3D modelling advice


Hello, was browsing the net looking for inspiration, and thought best ask the experts.

Im fairly seasoned in motion graphics, 3D design, bit of a generalist. Mostly cinema 4d, but studied Maya first, so still dip my toes in it if I need to model or texture something.

But after trying out lots of different areas, I feel modeling a piece, texturing and making things look good is what I enjoy most, as apposed to motion.

If I were to persue this area further, what is the standard, to achieve to be able to be employable.
Is there example sites someone could drop a few links too…
Some insight as to the chosen program, and what level of detail is expected in modeling, for products for example…

Any good courses online that would take me to a higher standard…

As I say I prefer Maya if possible.



There is a good Maya modelling course at elementza.com.

Lots of detail and tips for good topology. The focus is mainly hard-surface, so good for product modelling.

You can get a good taste of what’s included. Search for elementza on youtube.


nice one Magpie, that looks surprisingly worth it. €59