3d modeling and rendering laptop!


If money is not an issue, what would be the “best” 3d rendering/modeling laptop you can get right now?


Lenovo Legion 7
Best all round power, speed, monitor brightness., lots of IO ports, mux switch, webcam with kill switch, 16GB 3080 165W

Very fast CPU, runs hot, not so quiet, mux switch, webcam, sd card reader, 16GB 3080 155W

Asus Rog Strix
Good all rounder, great keyboard, fast, long battery life, quiet, no webcam, no SD card reader, 16GB 3080 115-130W

Gigabyte Aero
Best monitor for a laptop (OLED option), great IO ports and portability, is not quiet, webcam, sd card reader, thunderbolt 3, 3080 not available in 16gb option - 8GB 3080 105W

Razer Blade
Premium option, has everything that a Gigabyte Aero does just personal preference, webcam, thunderbolt 3, no sd card reader in base model (advanced only), 3080 not available in 16gb option - 8GB 3080 110-130W

Alienware X17
Powerful, heavy, not good battery life, advanced optimus, microSD-card slot, thunderbolt 4, webcam, 16GB 3080 150-160W

That would be my preference in order. Each has their own good points and bad points. I would ensure whatever laptop you pick has a MUX switch, allowing you to disable the iGPU. It can be a serious bottleneck like in my Asus Rog Strix but can be bypassed with an external monitor - which is not great if you are always on the go. Advanced Optimus is a good alternative to a MUX switch as well.

Another thing to note is that now laptops dont tell you much about type of GPU you are getting, they are just 3070 for example. You need to look for one with a high TDP, for example the GE76 has a 3070 with 130Watts of power (Watts is the TDP). The Legion 7 has a 3070 with 140W TPD. The Legion 7 is going to have a faster 3070.

I recommend watching some videos by Gizmodo Sliptech. He does great reviews regarding CPU/GPU performance, bottlenecks, comparisons among the top current laptops etc.


Thank you. I will look a bit further into this.