3D Game Art looking for new projects


RetroStyle Games is a versatile game art studio offering a full range of services to bring your game concepts to life. Their expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of art production services catering to mobile, casual, social, and console games, including game art direction, concept art, 3D modeling, animation, video game pitches and Unity integration​​.

Their services include:

Character Concept Art: Crafting initial sketches in various styles, and upon approval, they create polished 3D models and animations​​.

Game Backgrounds and Concept Art: Designing environments that form the foundation of the game’s world, using concept art to create a unique universe​​.

3D Modeling: Offering full-cycle 3D modeling services for characters, environments, vehicles, and other assets, with detailed texturing and rendering​​.

NFT Art Design Services: Creating NFT collections and videos, with an understanding of NFT tools, technologies, and AI software, including animation services and game UI development for NFTs​​.

2D/3D Game Sprites: Specializing in pre-rendered isometric sprites for various game objects and characters​​.

Animation and VFX: Bringing to life 3D models through skinning, rigging, and animation, and designing high-quality VFX​​.

Game Interface and UX: Developing user-friendly game interfaces and UX/UI elements​​.

2D and 3D Game Icon Design: Creating a vast range of game icons, from app icons to UI-IX icons​​.

Game Logo Design: Crafting memorable logos that align with the game’s aesthetic and theme​​.

RetroStyle Games’ approach combines technical prowess with artistic creativity to ensure that every aspect of the game’s visual design contributes to a cohesive and engaging player experience. Whether you are looking to outsource a specific aspect of your game’s art or need a comprehensive solution, their team seems equipped to handle projects of various scopes and complexities.