3D Fluff Octane 2020 Tutorial Video


My mum always said, “When life gives you inordinate amounts of spare time locked in a house during a pandemic, make training videos”. Those were wise words which I stick by to this very day. So my loss of freedom is your gain. I’m giving away the first 50 minutes of the full video package for free; an introduction to Octane 2020’s lighting system:

If you like that and would like to cover more topics, there is a 5.5 hour bundle which goes over the tools I think you will genuinely need on a day to day basis without any messing around:

25% off until I’m allowed to leave the house using the code “toiletroll”
Compatible with Octane 4.00, 2019 and 2020 with Cinema 4D R15-R21 (recorded with R21 and Octane 2020)


Just wanted to mention it here: Bought it and worked through it this weekend. Great Stuff, entertainingly designed, reduced to the essential and all in all a round beginners’ course for octane noobs and and medium advanced users. Thanks a lot.

And being German, I kind of like the British accent… sounds kind of nice, kind of a relaxed academic style. :wink:


Just wanted to say hi to my old friends and give a huge shout out of admiration to one of my favorite 3d Brits. As we say in the states, “Your mother raised no fool!”

Love to all and peace in these unusual days.

Who knows…might just check this out…if it’s R20 friendly.


I’m currently eyeballing your keyframe/animation tutorial.

I tried to create an airplane landing sequence but when it starts the plane flying in comes in at super low speed (stupid auto ease in), then fastens to normal speed, then the landing is so hard if it where real it probably turns all its passengers into tomato juice against the ceiling of the airplane and then the plane races to the end where only the last 10 meters it abruptly slows down to a crawl,( killing who ever survived the landing). Tried to correct things over and over but the more I tried the more messier the animation got. :persevere:

I definitely need some guidance here and that tutorial seems just right for me.


It should be good in any c4d version, the octane windows stay the same throughout. For different Octane versions, it is aimed at 2020, but when something comes up which has recently changed between 4.00, 2019 and 2020, I do mention it and mention where to find the relevant setting in older versions


Feel free to drop any scene files over (you can swap out the plane with a cube if you like) I dont mind taking a look in my spare time. mash at 3dfluff.com


You’re way too kind. :relaxed: But that is really appreciated!


New video for you here, how to fix wonky keyframes: