3D Equalizer - FBX Export Frame Range problem


Hello to whoever’s reading this.

So, I exported a project as an fbx file. When my coworker goes to open it, it looks to only have part of the frame range; it only goes up to frame 1280 instead of 1388. I don’t really understand why it won’t export the whole frame range like normal. It’s never done this before.

It’s been quite a problematic shot and still doesn’t quite work but for a work in progress it’s ok I suppose. It has an animated focal length, animated distortion, and I’ve had to manually fix the filmback width. The whole frame range is being calculated, I made sure of that. I hope none of that affects my fbx export.

please help

p.s. I’m still learning and have ended up as a lone, freelance matchmove artist due to the pandemic so I don’t really have a superior to ask about this :frowning: . Feel free to let me know if you need more info in order to help