3D connexion Spacemouse stopped working for Lightwave



I’ve been using the Spacmouse Laptop edition for several years, and I have really loved it. So much so that I just purchased the CAD mouse, from 3D Connexion to go with it. (left and right hand workflow).

After updating the drivers, to get the CAD mouse working, the Spacemouse STOPPED working. Has anyone else had this issue? I can’t use the old drivers because the new purchase requires updated drivers.

Thanks in advance,


It seems there’s been a new update available for the 3dconnexion software, but the problem persists.

Am I really unable to use this device? Does anyone have any suggestions or did I waste my money on this product?


Hey there,

I have the same thing and also have an open support call with 3d Connexion to try and fix the issue.
Unfortunately, I think I’m the only LightWave user who is chasing this with them, and therefore it’s not getting any priority at all with their developers. :frowning:

I am also torn between the broken drivers and the new ones (past 10.4.3). 10.4.3 works with LW, but not with the latest 3ds Max… 10.4.4 works with 3ds Max, but not LW :frowning:

All I can say that might help is:

  • Roll back to v10.4.3 and it’ll all work again…