3D-Coat R 2.10 - Mac version!


hello everyone
Andrew finished a long route and here is a hot 3D-Coat R 2.10.
What´s new?
Amazing retopo tools - really cool toolset (what´s missing in C4D) if you need to do some cloths etc

And - fully working MacOS version!

more you can find on Andrew´s web here


do you want to test a C4D <> 3DC connection? I did a short tutorial!

What´s there? here is a list

  1. C4D model preparation - UV correction, model correction, export
  2. 3DC model import - comparation with C4D structure
  3. 3DC - SPD export
  4. C4D SPDs import, deleting “suporting” polygons
  5. C4D rendering, voila - amazing sculpt in C4D!

a link

Cheers Pavel



Wow:applause:, thats really cool. Some of the tools are avaible on XSI, aren’t they? Really, good work, but 15 days is too less to test… :stuck_out_tongue:


Great news, thanks Pavel!


Excellent news! Definitely gonna buy the OSX version now. And thanks for the tutorial!



THX odo, but tutorial is really easy I think :-). Andrew did really amazing job and I´m still wondering how can one man do so amazing software.
I playd few times with new retopo tools last time and it is really cool tool. I used “Otto” as a base mesh and I did whole cloths from this model - via 3DCoat only in few minutes (low poly model)…
I can say that it is very importent tool for my now (3D-coat) with pretty nice C4D connectivity (simple C4D obj import export plug).


120 $ ???

definately worth it

a good choice for someone who doesnt want to spent 600 bucks for zbrush


Maxon should hire him :rolleyes:


Very nice video tutorial (as always) - thanks for showing the power of 3D Coat.

But what does it mean C4Dexchange.com? … Starting 1st September - sounds interesting.



I’m just playing with the demo. Quite an unfamiliar environment to me. But will check out the tutorials to see what is the best way to start. So many options to explore! :slight_smile:



Looks like I’ll need to upgrade to a Mac Intel soon. PPC app support is slowly fading away.


if you want to get correctly resoults please keep my way of connection C4D-3DC

About other tools

Most importent tools you can find on left pallete. If you want to start a work, you can use “mid poly” mode a fully polygon mode - it is on fourth icon from the end (on left)

After a first mid poly sculpt go to the clasic painting. In this mode you can paint depth (it is based on poly displacement and normal maps) and color and speculars. Color/Specular you can turn off via RBM on right pallete

First icon on left side sets brush behaviour and type. First icon on right size sets shape (you can use obj model, psd format etc. too)

managers are in View menu/popups

Screen moving - ALT key (it is same as C4D) and LMB, RMB etc.

Textures - you can use independent picture for each channel - depth, color, specular and paint them together…

I will prepare other video tutorials soon, when our new C4D stuff sterver starts - it will be aimd to EN users!

Cheers Pavel


Sounds great Pavel thanks.


hey there

wow it does look good. i am going to look into this tool to make clothes, ( retopology method ) - pavel do you plan any tuts on this, even a silent capure of yor otto efforts , just to see where the tools you select ? thanks for the heads up on this



Sure, I used exactly this way you descripted here…



Fully working MacOS version!

YESSSS!! :drool: :bowdown: :bounce: :buttrock: :arteest:


What is this , looks like a kind of application like Zbrush , am i right ?
Can aynone explain what is this ?


just have a look at the website or try this earlier thread:


it’s a bit like Zbrush but also has much other options. watch the video’s and check it out yourself.


me too. this really sucks, my duo g5 still runs great but my option of software is starting to run thin.


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