3D-Coat and CINEMA 4D


it is few weeks ago I seen a thread on C4Dportal. There was a “jolly joker” and author used two apps. CINEMA 4D and 3D-Brush (3D-Coat). It was my first contact. I tried this sculpting and texturing application and it is really amazing and cheap tool.

This is my first deeper 3D-Coat test inspirated by Douglas Adams book and my loved animals…

A tribute to Douglas Adams - Last chance to see…

A process: C4D and BP 3D for basic mesh and UV. 3D-Coat sculpting, normal mapping, textures > export back to C4, lightning, materials, GI/AO, render, PSD post production…

original mesh in C4D

Cheers Pavel


Nice sculpt and texture!
What is the difference between 3d-brush and 3d-coat?


hello thx, in naming only… There was a problem with registration of “3D-Brush”. Andrew have to change name to 3D-Coat…



Beautiful sculpting, amazing texturing and incredible lighting, this is very impressive. Looks superb. Well Done.

Looks like a very valuable and interesting tool.



haha, it is.
I´m owner of NFR licencies only (C4D, ZB). But this is so amazing I bought it :slight_smile:



Hey Pavel, nice texturing work!

Out of interest, for someone that has Bodypaint and Zbrush, what features does 3d-coat offer that they don’t?


Hello Zendorf

it is different - and has really cool idea and price.

ZB/3DCoat, 3D-Coat costs 120 usd in profesional licence.
1: 90% users need scult app for sculting and texturing, not for a basic mesh. 3D-Coat does not have tools for basic mesh, but has really huge system for import/export
2: You can paint (if you want) all aspects in one time, same as BP3D (roughness, color, specular)
3: system works simultly - you paint displacement and normal maps together, in one time, amazing". You don´t have there a system for subdivision levels. System is absolutlly different. You have two mesh subdivision - a carcass for polygons and high poly mesh for normal maps and displacement informations.
4: It has pretty nice system for projection painting, much better than BP 3D :frowning:
5: amazing layers system (for scultps an textures)
6: amazing and really live PSD exchange system
7: perfect “mesh mirror” system, copy a model part system etc
8: perfect “spline” system for strips etc
9: Cool “magnification” system

and mush more… Really cool. And “bridge” works perfectly



… an other intreressting application with no Mac support :frowning:


I will ask Andrew, if you want… I have a Macbook thus I can help him with testing…



Workflow of my scene in few pictures


would be great! On Mac at the Moment there is only Zbrush 2.


Just downloaded a demo of 3D-Coat, really exited to try it out, thanks for the tip! :thumbsup:


I would probably buy it if there was a mac version too :slight_smile:


Nice job!

I’m just waiting for one of these sculpting apps to be put on the Mac platform. I have Silo 2 which has the ability, but still in fluz as far as usability.

3D Coat looks like a good buy for what I would need. Com on Mac version…d’ah, snake eys again…


Hm that looks really interesting Pavel! Thanks a lot for the pointer!


Whoah, hard to tell what’s the tool and what’s the artist in that great render. I hope that makes the 3D Coat gallery. Time to make a lizard avatar, Pavel.

So what is the ‘strips’ functionality?


A really nice image and a great tribute to Douglas Addams, the man was a genius.

If you ever get the time to screen-capture some of your work in 3D Coat I bet a lot of people would find it very interesting to see the workflow (Well I know I would anyway!)



Since there is interest for the mac platform, it’d help those who are interested to leave a comment here: http://3dbrush.kriska.hvosting.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=948

Great work Pavel, and the 3D Coat looks really appealing, have still to try it though :slight_smile:


Hello Richard, I know, I still did not a last hair tutorial part… Still under attack, I did two articles yesterday, I must do a finally correction of czech version of Arndt´s book to Sunday, I must go to the school of art today… really heavy times I have…

About strip. I write a huge czech articles about it, I do there many huge screens…

Basic painting

Depth reduction

transform tool


Cheers Pavel


Great looking snake, Pavel.

I’d also be interested in a Mac version. Better yet, how about incorporating some of these features inside of BP?