3 of my 16bit short animations


3 of my short lowpoly/retro style animations I have created in maya. The idea is is too take away all the detail and make something that looks like an early 1990s 3D game like Virtual racing or Robocop 3 on the Amiga 500.
My goal has been to have good camera work, or at least better than expected for such low-poly and crude modelling.)

My most interesting ideas so far have been an Exact re-creation of the opening of Sreethawk, a re-creation of the fast and furious car chase and my own invented sequence of Judge Dredd. Hopefully you spot something interesting.

The Fast & Furious 16bit - https://youtu.be/wNfGAY1faw4
16Bit Dredd - https://youtu.be/LoQf-5lcAco
16Bit Streethawk - https://youtu.be/HPrTlbKe3QA