[2018] Daily Modelling Challenge


135/365 - Some sort of suspension piston.


136/365 - Sci-fi security camera.


I’m interested if this is still one hour long models? Also is the time of thinking what to build is included into it or is it 1 hour just for work.


Hi Kazkas,

Yeah, I still try to make these 1hr per model, although, some take a bit more and others take less. The 1hr time includes thinking what to build, modelling and then rendering and comp.

  • Josh


137/365 - Another sci-fi security camera.


138/365 - More sci-fi things… here’s some sort of manhole cover…


139/365 - A little spider bot.


140/365 - One of the first models I did for this challenge was a scope… so here’s another…


141/365 - Not textured, but this is my computer keyboard.


142/365 - Also not textured, but this is my webcam…


143/365 - Here’s a surveillance-drone


144/365 - A birthday cake…


I’ve been busy over the last couple of weeks… here are all my daily models up to #144.

I’m going to stop with the daily models to focus on larger projects which are taking up a lot more of my time.

I hope you like these final renders of all my models together…

Thanks for looking :slight_smile:


I really enjoyed looking through this and seeing how much your work improved!
Very inspiring!
I may try doing a model a day also because of this thread :slight_smile: