[2018] Daily Modelling Challenge


058/365 - Not too sure what this could be, however it might come in handy at some point… Here’s another sci-fi component for the asset library.


[b]059/365 - Maybe some sort of energy supply/battery… I don’t know anymore…



060/365 - Here’s a Pokeball… not much else to say about today’s model…


061/365 - Some pipes for the asset library…


062/365 - Portal cube.


063/365 - A little wine scene setup. First quick render with Redshift, GPU rendering is sooo fast!


064/365 - Here’s another model which is a small part of my university project. GWR Whistle.


065/365 - Another one for the asset library…


066/365 - I missed a day yesterday… so just ketching up with this one. (¬‿¬)


067/365 - And today’s model is a kids yoyo.

Rendered with Redshift :heart:


068/365 - Here’s some dominos from the university group project I’ve been worked on.


069/365 - Another asset from the group project. A deck of cards.


070/365 - A Pacman ghost toy/ornament from the group of project.


071/365 - …Okay so here’s some more spaceship greeblings… Trying to make things as modular as possible so the assets can be broken down and reassembled differently.


072/365 - For today’s model its a pretty bog standard kitchen tap.


073/365 - Levelled up my barista skills today with a bit of latte art.


074/365 - Today I’ve started to model receiver portion of the gun with the aim to firstly get the big shapes modelled in detail. Once I’ve completed the whole gun like this, I’ll complete the second pass of modelling where I will clean up the mesh and add the small details to the weapon.


075/365 - Mjolnir.


076/365 - Wrapped up this model in terms of the key shapes, next I’ll add all the small details and fix a few bits and bobs.


077/365 - Decided to model my phone, the Google Pixel XL. Some details missing, but hey ho…