[2018] Daily Modelling Challenge


038/365 - Can’t wait for the #vfxfestival2018. Here’s another daily model, back at it with the topology studies!


039/365 - Here’s yet another topology study, doing these is motivating me to create my own spaceship asset library.


040/365 - I feel like even every small milestone of the daily challenge is becoming a thing to celebrate, so woo 40 models! Not too sure how I’ve kept this going. Here’s the final topology study for a while :slight_smile:


041/365 - I’ve finished with the topology studies for now, here’s a mech component for the asset library.


042/365 - Okay so here’s something a little bit different, this is not by no means a finished model, it’s just a blocked out M4 assault rifle, which will, over the next few days get modelled high-poly.

Each colour represents what I aim to model each day.


043/365 - Here’s the start of many many spaceship greebles to come.


044/365 - Here’s a pair of horseshoes for the two-legged horse… M4 progress probably tomorrow…


Model 045/365 - Today I started to model the front portion of the gun with the aim to firstly get the big shapes modelled in detail. Once I’ve completed the whole gun like this, I’ll complete the second pass of modelling where I will clean up the mesh and add the small details to the weapon.


046/365 - Here’s some small kitbash piping which I’ll start clumping into useable greebles soon.


047/365 - …And here’s yet another robot component/cap thingy.


048/365 - One of many repeatable door sections of a ship, this one is low tech, however, some of the doors I’ll be making will be more high tech.


049/365 - Some sort of thumb screw thingy… It might come in handy at some point so it’s going in the asset library.


050/365 - Can’t believe I’ve actually kept this going for 50 models! I do feel these daily models are helping me improve my speed and the quality of the models, so here’s to another 50! Today’s model is some sort of weird bracket…


051/365 - Another sci-fi component thingy…


052/365 - Ahoy! Today’s model is a pirates telescope.


053/365 - This is some sort of generator, which could also be some sort of camera sensor I suppose… Not really too sure…


054/365 - A small part of my university project, a steam train lamp. Also some progress on the whole train.


055/365 - Another spaceship greeble, I guess this could be some sort of large energy generator.


056/365 - …And here’s yet another spaceship greeble. I imagined this being some ship deck thingy… Trying to make things as modular as possible so the assets can be broken down and reassembled differently.


057/365 - …Another spaceship greeble.