[2018] Daily Modelling Challenge


Hey skulogabor93, thanks for the kind comment. Keeps me motivated to daily model! :slight_smile:


Hey dude nice effort :smiley: although you could have done that alot more efficiently and in far few steps, you also have complex poles at the base of the door stop stem (more than 5 edges converging on a single vertex, in your case 6)caused by the transition from your stem to base/edges running off from the holes, sometimes these can’t be helped, for example if you where modelling a character but id try to keep those at a maximum of 5, it’s not too much of an issue on a flat surface but it’s just good modelling edicate to solve those when possible as they can cause some pinching and other artifacts, anyways keep up the good work, V


20/365 - Well, I’ve made it to model 20, getting pretty close to finishing my first month of the ‘A Model a Day Challenge’. Here’s a knife, I want to add some more detail lines here and there but this is what I got done in today’s hour.


21/365 - Just a random mech component for the asset library.


22/365 - Trying something a tad different today. Here’s a random model, practising my topology and smooth bodywork. Could be the body of a drone or something else I have no idea…


23/365 - Again playing around with some random shapes, trying to learn some new hard surface techniques.


24/365 - Another day, another model! Some sort of chest armour. Just messing around really, but, doing this makes me want to create a full suit!


25/365 - Some more messing around with armour shapes…


26/365 - Good morning all! Does anyone want a cuppa? Here’s today’s model, a Moka Pot. Playing around with my topology going from hard to soft edges and then back again.



27/365 - It didn’t take long, however, today’s model is a ratchet.


28/365 - Here’s a really random mech component thingy… I have no idea what it just found some reference and copied it.


29/365 - Not too sure what this thing is either, but here’s another model…


30/365 - Here are some tires, they were fun to model so might recreate them better at a later date.

So so so close to finishing my first month! There have definitely been some meh models, yet also some I’m quite proud of. Everything has taken me around 20 minutes to an hour to model, so perfection is not my main goal. My goal is, however, to make something a day to hopefully improve so I can achieve perfection in shorter times.


31/366 - 31 days, 31 models, and the first month is complete, now only another 334 models to go… Today’s model is a canister from the movie Monsters Inc. as it’s something I’d been wanting to model for a while, so I thought, why not!?


32/365 - It’s the start of a new month and here’s a friendly robot.


33/365 - I realise this really isn’t a very impressive model, but some days I get busy doing other things… Some sort of sci-fi piston which ended up being more of a high tech wand…


34/365 - Another item from my desk, here’s the Amazon Echo Dot.


35/365 - Okay so here’s something a little different and I wasn’t sure if I would do a few of these models or not, but I decided that it would be a good way to improve my topology. I guess you could call this a sort of topology study, where I replicate a model so that I can gain an understanding of the edge flow from industry standard work.

The aim is to obviously learn new techniques and methods to apply to my own models in the future.


36/365 - Continuing from yesterday’s model, here’s another topology study.


037/365 - Here are some sci-fi canisters, which were inspired by an earlier daily model I did.