[2018] Daily Modelling Challenge


I’m starting the year trying to make a model a day for my asset library. It’ll probably be a lot of random mech components and other sci-fi stuff.

Here’s what I’ve done so far.
01/01/2018 - 1/365

02/01/2018 - 2/365

03/01/2018 - 3/365

This year I really want to improve my modelling so pushing myself to do something a day, even if small, will be a great practice exercise.


4/365 - Not my best model I’ve ever produced, but I’m trying to keep to an hour max per model.

Over this year hopefully, I’ll be able to model faster and to a better quality.


5/365 - Here’s a timelapse of my day 5 model for my A Model a Day Challenge.


This year my goal is to make a model a day. I’ve been giving myself roughly an hour a day to model something in the hopes to improve how fast I can turn around high-quality assets. At the moment they’re not perfect, however, I’m doing this so I can improve.

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6/365 - Another day another model, and with that, another timelapse!

A 6-Axis motion head/hexapod, for robot necks and joints… just a random mech component really. I’d like to add more to this such as wires and motors, but that can be added another day as I’m trying to keep to an hour per model.


Here’s a timelapse of my day 6 model for my A Model a Day Challenge. Tomorrow’s model should be good, a PRC77 Military Radio.

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7/365 - Here’s a timelapse of my 7th daily model for my A Model a Day Challenge.

Today’s model is based on the PRC77 military radio, it’s not 100% accurate but with some more time and attention to detail it could end up being quite cool.

This one took longer than I wanted (around 2.5hrs) and there are still some smaller details I want to add and also some things are just plain broken. Maya crashed halfway through and I lost some work and with that, some motivation…



8/365 - No timelapse for these as they’re not that interesting…

Here’s some different nuts and bolts varients. This collection will no doubt grow this year a lot!


9/365 - Here’s a timelapse of my 9th model for my A Model a Day Challenge.

This model was bashed out in around 1.5hrs, and is just a common builders floor flood light.



10/365 - I’m travelling back to university today, so here’s a quick model I bashed out, not much to it, but it’s an interesting design. Just some sort of mech component and will go well in the asset library.


11/365 - Okay here’s an exciting day! Some more random nuts and bolts… I updated the topology on some of the old ones and added a few to the collection.


12/365 - I’ve done another day, here’s a pistol mag and some bullets, and I’ve also done another timelapse of the modelling I did for this.



I love seeing the thought process behind your work! Also, great idea with the daily practice. This is how you can push to the next level.
I’m not a level where I can critique anything yet :p, but I find your videos amazing! Maybe a tiny suggestion would be to slow the speedpaints a bit, as the work is wonderful but the videos are too fast.
Pretty sure others are watching them too to learn a trick or two or ten :wink:

keep up the good work!


Hey! Thanks for the comment, keeps me motivated to keep on going :).

Sure thing, I’ll slow the future vids down a tad. If you want to ask questions or anything I stream most nights as I do these models.


Again, thanks!


13/365 - Today I’ve modelled Luke’s Lightsaber, a few cylinders on cylinders and a bit of Photoshop work…


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14/365 - Here’s a timelapse of my 14th model for my A Model a Day Challenge.

I lost motivation quickly with this one, as it seemed like an interesting model to start with but as I progressed it turned out the toaster was kinda boring…



15/365 - Keeping the theme of kitchen appliances, here’s a salt and pepper grinder.


16/365 - Here’s whatever the hell this is…


17/365 - Here’s the Focusrite sound interface from my desk, would be cool to properly texture this one at some point.


18/365 - Here’s another asset library model, not really anything in particular, however, this clamp could be useful in a model in the future.


19/365 - Here’s a door stop. Another little asset, I promise I’ll do bigger and better daily models soon, but only when I’m feeling better haha… This one is actually for a larger project so will be used very soon. Timelapse too!



It’s really inspiring looking at your models, I love them. I’m fairly new to modeling, and find everything exciting, for me, also your toaster is really not that ‘boring’! Keep it up!