20 core / 40 thread Render farm for sale


If someone offered to give this system to me…no charge…I don’t think I’d want it. Massive, out-dated, energy consumptive. The mega-core, mega-thread chips offered on the market now seem to make this kind of thing obsolete.

But that’s my sensibility. We all have different views.


5x Intel Core i7 4790, Combined Cinebench R15 score is around 4050cb.
combined psu power 420watt. $1800 for complete system.

1x AMD TR 2990wx, cinebench R15 score 5200cb. psu power 250watt. very simplify system. $1800 the price for CPU only.

just to point this out, maybe will help someone to decide :slight_smile:


re : energy consumption - the rig in post #1 probably uses less than 1KW when rendering. This isn’t wasted money - it means your central heating thermostat switches off more.

Think of it as intelligent power - renders your projects, then heats your house. I am, though, in the rather chilly north of England…


It’s actually not as massive as you might think. The helmer filing cabinet is only slightly larger than some black gaming towers I ordered (not realizing they were that big until they arrived). That was one reason I opted for the helmer builds since I could have 6 machines in the nearly the same space as one big black tower. Why would you not want it even if free? 5 more frames rendering at once in the background would be more than welcome in my office.


The Helmer is actually a cute little “case”. When I first heard of these as computer housings, I wanted to build something like that, and actually even bought a Helmer from Ikea. It ended up as cabinet for small stuff though as I was unsure how form factors would change in the future, and drilling/sawing the drawers in form promised to be a ton of work. (And I didn’t have the money for five computers at that time.)

Since the rendering is done on GPUs these days, I’m not sure how the airflow would affected, and whether the graphics cards would even fit in the drawers. Maybe someday.