20.055 Update pulled back?


Tried to update the render clients but the update is not available via online updater.


There seems to be an issue with the teamrender server app.
If you send Maxon a support ticket they will send you a download link with the 20.055 client app.



Ah, good to know. Thank you!


I updated main app to 20.055 a few days ago in the Online Updater. How is that possible? My app literally has CINEMA 4D R20.055 in the upper left corner…


They are fixing the update at the moment. When updating the Team Render Server, one file was missing (index.html) which led to unusability of the server.
The update soon will be online again, tech support said.


are there release notes of what’s been changed or fixed?


Yes, but I don’t have them. Update for 20.055 was online today, so I think the corrected update for 20.030 will be online soon.


I had updated to 20.055 before they pulled it, and now applied the today’s 20.055 hotfix and now C4D never gets past the splash screen. Just gets stuck on “initializing software”, needed to force quit it.

And worse, while trying to launch, C4D grabbed my x-particles license, then I forced quit and even shut that computer off, but it is still holding my XP license


Hi Mikeh,

did you contact Maxon Tech Support no that?
If not you should open a case:

I guess something went quite wrong while updating or so. Can’t even imagine what since the hotfix is really tiny and doesn’t even touch the executables (they have the same creation date after applying the hotfix).

So finding out what happened on your system and how to fix it requires a deeper investigation.


I had not contacted tech support - but I have now.


Auto-updated to 20.057 today.