2.5D Movie in Max - Need Pro Advice


Greetings Max Pro’s -

I am having some difficulty creating a scene in Max, to achieve the 2.5D effect. To start, I can’t get my transparent .png’s to render with transparency. I converted everything to .tif with alpha, and use the diffuse and opacity slot in the materials editor to get the transparency. But, I only see it when I render. I can’t see the transparency in the Max view port even though I have the view port set to show transparency.

Secondly, my camera will not render the scene in layers. I have some cascaded planes set up with transparent images applied, and I’m trying to move the camera through the planes to create a motion effect where the camera passes through a plane, the details are revealed, in layers. But the camera doesn’t want to render the layers (planes) as it passes through them. If I pull the camera out and render the entire scene at a distance, it renders the transparency and all the layers, as whole, OK.

Tips greatly appreciated…