1st ever 3d Model with Mudbox - but when painting, there are strange rainbow, pixels


The actual UV’s look like they’re ok to me, I’m working on a Surface Pro 2017 latest edition to make this.
Sometimes I can manage to paint the whole base mesh a block colour, but when I go over to start adding more colours and details, these very annoying rainbow/multicoloured trails and pixels start appearing all over my model. It is completely preventing me from moving forwards, and so far no one has understood what is causing this?

Would be VERY grateful if there is someone out there with the knowledge to solve this mystery please?



i assume you have an intel iris graphics card…?
if yes there is no solution… those cards arnt supported…


I use Microsoft Surface Pro latest edition I just purchased modelling on the go. Yes it has

“Intel® Iris™ PLus Graphics 640”

What sort of 3D graphics making app, doesn’t support all 3d graphics cards, especially those on a tablet designed to be powerful enough to make 3d graphics.
If this is true, I won’t touch Mudbox ever again. Apparently Mudbox doesn’t like ATI much eitherin some forums. Either way, a Surface Pro is not designed to change the graphics card, so I’m screwed here. -_-

There has not been any warning messages, and I could easily complete everything the sculpting side of things. It is ONLY the ‘Paint’ phase of making models which has these strange errors.
Does this mean surface pro users should all avoid Mudbox?

I have seen plenty of people using Zbrush on surface pros.


all you can do for now is to report the issue to autodesk…


I did like the way you can navigate the same as Maya controls, and sculpting was very easy in Mudbox, but I don’t want only half a program to work with, so I will look towards something else now, which is compatible with my Pro.

Any recommendations ?


Z-Brush is the obvious alternative. But it will cost you.
I can’t remember what it is now. Somewhere in the area of $900.00.

Sculptris is another alternative. I think it’s still free.
SculptGL is a free sculpter you can use for free on the internet.
Here’s a list of some more: https://www.creativebloq.com/audiovisual/sculpting-apps-81412712

None the these alternatives have any problems running on even very old and weak graphics cards.
The insane graphics card requirements needed to use MudBox have always been one it’s most serious down falls.
I’d use MD everywhere if I could. But the GC requirements prevent that. It’s a shame.



intel fixed the issue…


Yes this is the fix for Windows pc, but not the surface pro.

The surface pro intel update is rumoured to be coming in the form of a windows update itself.

Many thanks


You’re being unfair to Mudbox. You cannot expect a weak GPU to push a very heavily GPU-dependent application. Autodesk has even stated outright that your toy graphics chip is not supported. Why?

Because it cannot handle the application. It cannot handle Maya at that level, either. Sure, you can get away with some stuff in the Viewport, but tryin pushing a few million or billion polygons on that graphics card in Viewport 2.

Not gonna happen. Mudbox is a professional application; the Surface Pro is not. The “pro” is just marketing, my friend. Apple did the same thing with their “Macbook Pro” toy computers too.

You should have researched your hardware first. All CGI applications do better with more powerful graphics cards - graphics is the “G” in “CGI”, for cryin’ out loud!